The missing sunflowers

I love sunflowers and haven’t had the space to grow them since I was a kid so now this year since I have a garden, perfect I thought, I’ll grow loads and they’ll brighten the place right up. 

In my first attempt I sowed the full pack of seeds direct, nothing happened. 

For my second attempt I sowed the full pack into modules and left the tray on the patio but the next morning each and every one of the sunflower seeds, and the peas I’d sown in another tray had all gone. 

So onto my third packet of seeds, I sowed them in modules but put the tray into the conservatory and let them grow out of harms way. Once they were big enough I planted them out, thrilled with my success. Within a week all but two had been munched by slugs! Between the late start and summer never really appearing the two that were left never came to anything. 

Then at the weekend my husband noticed something on the lawn (moss), on closer inspection it was my sunflower seeds from the second attempt! The magpies are forever storing stuff in the lawn so they are getting the blame for this! Most of the seeds have sprouted but obviously never came to anything. So now I can add magpies to my growing list of garden pests! Maybe they’ll learn for next time they steal my seeds that they’ll just sprout and won’t be so tasty in a few months time when they come back to get their stash. 


With the house we inherited a sort of lean to greenhouse effort which has been great but has a bit of a mix of wood and old kitchen worktops which are supported by bricks and some seriously sharp and rusty angle iron so on Sunday we set to work pulling it all out along with the hundreds of spiders that live in amongst it. My in laws were having a new kitchen fitted earlier in the year and I saved some excess, lovely sparkly cream worktop from the junk pile so that’ll be cut to size and supported on some old fence posts we took out of the garden. All ready for next year and my first proper veg growing season. 

The new worktop



Slow progress

The veg beds as of last night

First bed has been planted with winter field beans. Second has strawberry plants, elephant garlic, germidour garlic and Shakespeare onions. Third has just been dug over and weeded, waiting to be sown with field beans. Fourth is in the process of being dug and the fifth has a layer of cardboard to discourage any grass roots from sprouting before I get round to digging and weeding it. 

It’s hard finding the time to get work done at the moment since the light is pretty much gone by the time I’m home from work and fed. It was pitch black at 7.30 tonight!

I gave up any last hopes I had of my wee tomatoes ripening on the vine so harvested them and have brought them inside to ripen.