Foxes, garlic and lots of onions

Every morning after I’ve dug over an area of garden then raked it until it looks good I notice that it’s been dug a little more during the night, and not so neatly. We have a lot of foxes in our area and I’ve always known they take a shortcut through the back edge of our garden which has never bothered me but now they’re obviously hanging around in the garden and causing a bit of chaos which worries me a bit for next year when I have veg seeds or seedlings in nicely prepared beds. There are three areas the foxes get in and I can access two of those to close off the gaps then hopefully if there is no through route they won’t bother coming in.. although maybe that’s just being a bit optimistic. Does anyone else have this issue? How do you deal with it?

I’ve been off work ill for the past couple of days and have spent most of my time in bed watching videos of Sean’s Allotment Garden which just makes me want to get out there and grow! The only things that are still going in my containers are some peas and four turnip seedlings planted a couple of weeks ago which I’ve covered with old plastic cups to give them a chance of surviving the slugs. I have seen few toads in our garden but clearly not enough to keep our masses of slugs under control. 

In the border there are still sweetcorn plants which I’m not very hopeful for, we’ve had such a bad summer that I can’t imagined the cobs will be very good but I like the look of the plants so I’ll leave them be for now. For the veg patch I’ve ordered some garlic, elephant garlic and onions for autumn planting. Only trouble is the onions come as 75 sets so I’ll be giving some away to anyone who will take them as I really don’t have the space or need for 75 onions. 

I also ordered some ‘Patchwork mixture’ heuchera as plug plants, I went to Tatton Flower Show earlier in the year and the floral marquee was full of heuchera for sale but I was on a budget and resisted so when I saw plug plants I just had to go for it. 

I did however buy a couple of Thalictrum plants at Tatton which I’ve finally planted out into the garden, one white and one purple. I just love the delicate fern like foliage. 

My current task is to research some green manure for the empty beds then once myself and the weather are feeling a bit better I’ll get cracking on with the three remaining veg beds.


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