Good old Monty

I figured since it wasn’t raining at the weekend I should make a start on the double digging of my new veg beds, I had read it was hard work but the only major issue I found was that I’d greatly underestimated how unaccustomed my hands are to a bit of work! I had dug half way along my first bed when I stopped for dinner and whilst inside I referred to my Monty Don Complete Gardener book which says if the bed was previously grass then double digging isn’t required, just single dig and lay the turf upside down in the trenches. Well if Monty says so then it’s good enough for me! Plus it’s half the work and it’s somewhere to hide the masses of turf we’ve created. 

The flower bed hasn’t been so easy to dig over because about half a spit deep is where the soil stops, underneath is some sort of builders grit which has been used underneath the slabs on our front path. I think I’ll just incorporate a load of compost and look on the positive side that the bed should be well drained and suit all the lavender plants I’ve got waiting to go in. I’ve got 100 allium bulbs headed my way come September so I’ll need to look into whether I can plant them in this bed as planned or whether the soil will just be too shallow.


2 thoughts on “Good old Monty

    1. I like to hear that people don’t think it’s worth it as it gives me some hope of finishing digging the beds before Winter!
      Yes, I’m new to the whole gardening thing so if in doubt, I see what Monty says.


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